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What Is Snow Made Out Of?

Do you make snow? No, snow if formed naturally in the atmosphere, though there are “imitation” or “man-made snow” that you can make at home! What is snow made out of? A snowflake starts as “ice crystals that form around dust grains” that are floating around, water vapor in the air sticks to the dust… Read More »

Hawaii Humpback Whale Facts

In one of our earlier posts on some Hawaii humpback whale facts, we shared with you all, facts about humpback whales that includes their biology, migration, songs, and conservations efforts. If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to check out that post to teach your kids some knowledge about these amazing animals before… Read More »

Humpback Whale Facts Kids

Interesting Humpback Whale Facts Kids Might Want To Know The humpback whale (megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of baleen whale which means they don’t have teeth, baleen which is made from keratin which is the same stuff that our fingernails and hair are made out of. They are a migratory species of massive underwater mammals that… Read More »

Best Quick And Easy Taco Dip Ever

Kekoa Makes The Best Quick And Easy Taco Dip Ever! The first time I ate taco dip was during a trip to Guam to visit my dad’s side of the family. My Aunty Marie had made it and I felt like I could eat the whole dish. When I got back to Maui, I really… Read More »

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Children

Having Fun This Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving is gong to be all about pumpkins, besides giving thanks of course. I mean the two babies went as pumpkins for Halloween and they’re “still” not over the pumpkins yet. (image of kids Halloween) So we were inspired by the season to come up with easy thanksgiving crafts children… Read More »

The Colors Of The Rainbow

Rainbows are such fascinating things. Its colors are so beautiful and I remember learning a trick that made it easier for me to learn how to remember the colors of the rainbow. Kekoa always gets excited when he sees a rainbow. So of course, when a child is fascinated with something, we as parents want… Read More »