Kekoa’s Blue W/Red Stripe Belt Test

By | September 27, 2016

Thanks for checking out what our son is up to and how he is progressing on this journey to black belt if you haven’t gone and checked out our last taekwondo post we suggest you do if you want to see some progress between then and now.

We recorded Kekoa’s blue w/red stripe belt test and have a video summarizing the long grueling test after already working out for team practice and sparring which combined is an hour and a half long and the test that followed immediately after which was held for another two hours but through the footage below that might look obvious if you can see the light from the beginning and the end of the test, in fact, check it out now, below.

Kekoa May Have Found His Groove

Now that Kekoa has now achieved his blue belt w/red stripe because he had passed another belt test that was held on September 9th, 2016 and has finally taken tae kwon do for what it is, “a sport”. Now he reached another level higher and can step back and see more angles of the game he is finding it much more enjoyable which, is what he needed to ignite his passion for the sport versus just doing it because his cousin and friends were doing it.

What Does Kekoa Enjoy About Taekwondo So Far?

We asked Kekoa “so, you’re almost a red belt” and he says yay!!! (typical excitement from a 7-year-old boy) and so we asked him “what have you learned and what do you like about taekwondo and he said “sparring, forms, speed and strength drills, assisting, and he also likes the different color belts because it gives him goals to shoot for and it allows him to travel because he likes to go places.

Focus Training

At the moment Kekoa is really focusing on using the cut kick and back-kick for sparring by working on his technique and getting the timing down for execution. We may just make another video and share how his training in class goes for those who are interested in getting their kids involved with a martial arts program.

Let Us Know What You Think About Kekoa’s Blue w/Red Stripe Belt Test

Thanks for visiting but please leave us a comment below on how you think Kekoa is progressing and any techniques that you would like for him to learn, so we can share it because that’s just what Kekoa likes to do!

kekoa's blue w/red stripe belt

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