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Learning with Kekoa is a website that displays some of the events that my son “Kekoa” experiences with learning from art and creative expression, to some physical activities that he loves to do.

Is That An Orange Moon We Just Seen!?

It Really Is An Orange Moon! One night we were driving home and Kekoa was just so fascinated with the moon because it was huge and it looked orange. With every turn that we made he would get excited seeing the full orange moon through a different window, when he caught a glimpse of the… Read More »


Dance With Kekoa Kekoa is a very passionate kid and one of those passions are his love for dance and music. Even his brothers and sister show early signs of a love for dancing, music, and rhythm. He dances for King’s Cathedral And Chapel which is our church, they have seasonal programs, so far he… Read More »

Taekwondo Classes

Joining Taekwondo At the age of five, Kekoa joined TKD classes in the month of June 2015 and still attends classes at “Kiffmann Maui Elite”  in Kahului, Maui. When he first started he would only have Tae Kwon Do classes three times a week for about 45 minutes. Now he practices Monday through Friday because… Read More »