Core Subjects

What Are Core Subjects?

Core subjects consist of math, English, science, and social studies.

These are considered core subjects in home school also because you need a basic understanding of each subject to learn all other things and to be a healthy participant in society.

If you want to know more about general learning objectives by grade you can check out this chart.

Page With A Purpose…

The purpose of this page serves as a checkpoint to see where Kekoa stands academically. Just remember all kids are different, so, some may accel in certain subjects and be slower at others.

Alter your teaching accordingly and don’t hold any child back in any subject when they accel or for the ones who take a little longer just keep encouraging them.

Without encouragement and forcing them to learn at a certain pace may lead them to associate homework with something like a chore when learning should be fun!


Mathematics is the science of numbers, quantities, and shapes and the relations between them. We use math every day, some more than others.

Figuring out math and how things connect, helps with critical thinking skills. Without math, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill many of the daily tasks needed later on in life.


librarySchool subjects (such as reading, writing, and even spelling) related to using language is important to communicate properly, learn, follow instructions and so much more.

From writing an idea to reading someone else’s ideas and learning to effectively speak to others about the idea is an essential part of everyday life and learning how to do all that is part of language arts.


knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.

We humans are curious beings, so fascinated and driven to understand how things around us work. Without science, we wouldn’t have figured out how to create and harness nature’s abilities to improve our society.


social studiesA course of study that deals with human relationships and the way society works, from geography to cultural studies.

We learn of what is common about how people behave in other cultures which would lead to a misunderstanding which could disrespect those different from us.

Where To Get Easy Learning Material

For each subject, we get Kekoa a workbook for his grade level. We usually buy them from amazon so we can read the descriptions and reviews of many choices before we decide which to get.

If a workbook is too easy, we get him another for the next grade up, to see where his level stands at, while keeping it fun!

We also have Kekoa do projects for each subject.

For math, his project is usually making something visual to explain the different concepts or a video to explain the concepts because he has two younger siblings that can learn from them.

We also incorporate a daily reading log and journal like most schools. He gets to do fun science experiments whether it be at home, the park, or the beach. There will be a lot of art in his social studies projects.

Comment below on which subject you would like to see, so we can share more with you.

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