Creative Arts

Creative arts can be many different things like theatre, oil painting, or even creative writing. As a child, Kekoa has a lot of fun with his art projects, music, dance, and photography.

Art Projects

From cutting construction paper to painting, kids creating art projects are very important for their growth and development of motor skills.

color-445324_640 (1)Having your child do a fun art project that is themed around a learning concept you introduced to them will help to reinforce that knowledge in your child’s brain.

Encouraging kids to think of different ways to create their art by thinking out of the box will develop innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

…Not to mention art projects are just fun to make with your kids and they are always so adorable when they say with excitement, “look what I made”!

Music and Dance

Singing with rhythm is a great way for children to remember things they need to learn. We all remember learning our ABC’s through songs from educational shows. You can try using music as a catchy way to teach your kids all sorts of different things.

It is also important to teach kids about different instruments and the sounds they make. Each child will tune into certain instruments more than others and may become very passionate about certain ones.

music-1106439_640 (1)Who knows, they may become the next big guitarist like Santana or a classic piano player like Mozart.

Dance is a fun way for kids to get some exercise and practice coordination.

For homeschool kids, being involved in music or dance programs is great, constructive socializing, forms of expression, and a cool way to have fun!


We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.photographer-456834_640 (1)

This is an important way to capture moments, to preserve history, and to simply share what we find beautiful and interesting.

As much as Kekoa loves to be in pictures, he would much rather be the one taking them and sharing the pictures he takes with others.

Art projects, music, dance, and photography are just the beginning of Kekoa’s interests in creative arts.

As he grows he will encounter creative arts in a variety of ways and we look forward to sharing those new and exciting experiences with you.