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Dance With Kekoa

Kekoa is a very passionate kid and one of those dancepassions are his love for dance and music. Even his brothers and sister show early signs of a love for dancing, music, and rhythm.

He dances for King’s Cathedral And Chapel which is our church, they have seasonal programs, so far he has danced in the church’s Halloween Glow Show two years in a row.

If Kekoa wants, we plan to have him participate in the Easter and Christmas programs as well, so, we will be sure to keep you updated on the Church programs he is involved in.

We love that our church offers this opportunity for him. Otherwise, we would be sad that we don’t get to go to his school and watch his Christmas plays or Mayday program. (being that he’s homeschooled)

Dancing Influences

Kekoa’s favorite dance is the whip I’ll place a picture of him doing it below so you can get a picture of how goofy this kid is! (cracks me up)

One of Kekoa’s favorite dance groups is called the Kinjaz. They were on ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew) this past season but we were watching them on YouTube way before then.

He likes to watch them on YouTube and tries to copy their choreography. Below is a video of one of the many of his favorite performances from that group.

Benefits Of Dancing

Supporting your child’s love for dance will havedance many physical and mental health benefits. Dancing for kids is a great form of cardio exercise that will help improve coordination, motor skills, and rhythm.

It helps improve memory by learning steps that they do over and over to the beat, and who doesn’t like to dance and have FUN?! Fun helps to relieve stress and depression!

Right now Kekoa is not in a year-round dance program (besides his yearly participation in church programs) but he definitely could be or should I say acts like it!

He dances whenever he hears music and it doesn’t matter where he is, he is always in the mood to bust a move.

We look forward to sharing more of his shows with you.

Any Questions?

I would just like to say the first show makes you the most nervous and after that it’s just fun to watch your kids enjoy themselves doing what they love.

Youtube Dancers And Groups That Influences And Inspires Kekoa’s Dancing

Vinh Nguyen
Keoni And Mari

Are Your Children Interested In Dancing The Newest Dance Craze?

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Feel free to comment below about any questions you may have for us that you would like to have answered to ease you into the comfort of having your kids join a dance program.

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