Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Children

By | November 22, 2016

Having Fun This Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving is gong to be all about pumpkins, besides giving thanks of course. I mean the two babies went as pumpkins for Halloween and they’re “still” not over the pumpkins yet. (image of kids Halloween)

So we were inspired by the season to come up with easy thanksgiving crafts children can do at home to make sure they know why they’re thankful! All involving pumpkins!

Pumpkin Full Of Thanks (1st Project)

For this first project, all we needed was one of the kids leftover pumpkin buckets from Halloween, some paint, strips of paper, and a pen.

We simply had Kekoa paint the pumpkin so that it would look more thanksgivingish instead of jack-o-lanternish. Let your kids have fun painting it how they want.

Then every day you can have your kids and whoever else write one thing they are thankful for each day and leave it in the pumpkin. Since “thank you’s”, are going in this pumpkin we had Kekoa write the words “give thanks” on it.

On Thanksgiving day you can have your child read all the pieces of paper remembering all the things that they are thankful for!

Pumpkin Full Of Joy (2nd Project)

For this next project, we had Kekoa do the same as above except he is writing “be joyful” on the pumpkin.

In this pumpkin, we are leaving leftover Halloween candy or whatever goodies we have around for people to take and help bring them joy!

We had one more bucket so we had Kekoa, once again, do the same as above but write God Bless on the pumpkin. We filled this pumpkin with fall leaves and flowers.

We used the pumpkins to decorate our table but you can place them around your house as you please.

Hope You Enjoyed Our Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Children Can Do!

Hope you have fun doing this with your kids leave a comment below and if you do these with your children please send us your pics of your finished project we would love to share it with everyone.


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