Health and Physical Education

Factors Of A Healthy Lifestyle

We incorporate health and physical education in our homeschool curriculum at an early age because it is very important to us that our children know what choices to make to keep them strong and healthy.


Three main meals a day that consist of foods from all the food groups are also recommended and not just junk and fast food!

We buy organic whenever possible and believe eating foods that are alive and rich in nutrients is actually the food that matters in your diet.

Low-quality food tends to trick your body into thinking that it is full but in reality, you’re starving on a cellular level because all that junk food you ate has no nutritional value in them and causes you to be hungry more often.


Setting your child on a sleeping schedule is important as it is critical that your child gets at least eight hours of sleep every night.

In a majority of sleep cases you will find that the body is able to achieve different levels of sleep and in the state of your deep sleep, better known as NREM 3 (learned that in an introduction to psychology class), your body is able to heal even faster and replenishes what keeps you going.

Achieving this level of sleep is ideal, which is why a schedule that also consists of a good diet and physical activities can all play a role in achieving this state.


Don’t let your child get stuck in the house on their tablet or laptop!

Teaching kids to be active is important, so we recommend you make a habit of playing outside with your kids because they get excited when you play with them doing what they want to do.

It is also a good idea to get them into some sort of sport. Not only will they get to exercise but it gives them another opportunity to socialize.

Eating the right foods, getting the right amounts of sleep, and keeping your child active is essential for your child to develop healthy habits that will benefit their body, training them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Comment below, we will post more detailed articles about each area so that you can have a more in-depth understanding about the factors that have an impact on our health.