The Colors Of The Rainbow

By | March 19, 2016

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Rainbows are such fascinating things. Its colors are so beautiful and I remember learning a trick that made it easier for me to learn how to remember the colors of the rainbow.

Kekoa always gets excited when he sees a rainbow. So of course, when a child is fascinated with something, we as parents want to teach them all we can about the subject.

First Things First…

The first cool thing we are going to learn about rainbows is the order of its colors.

This will be important for Kekoa to know when we teach him other things that you may want to teach your kids at home as well, especially about light which we will be covering in a later post.

Growing up, the easiest way for me to remember the colors of the rainbow in the correct order was with the help of an acronym.

An acronym is when you take the first letters of a phrase or set of words and make it into a pronounceable word that makes it easier to remember.

We use acronyms to shorten phrases, a set of words, or names. For example, the name National Aeronautics and Space Administration is more commonly referred to or nationally recognized as NASA.

How To Remember The Colors Of The Rainbow

Anyways, the set of words we are focusing on for this post is the order of the colors of the rainbow, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

If you take the first letter of each color and put it together in the same order, you get the acronym ROY G. BIV.

how to remember the colors of the rainbow

I can remember ROY G. BIV because it sounds like a name and it is a name that once you learn about it, it will stick in your head, the good thing is that you can use it as a reference to remember the colors of the rainbow, in order. R for red, O for orange, Y for yellow, G for green, B for blue, I for indigo, and V for violet.

Not Many People Knew About It…

This acronym was a great technique that my teacher taught me. I thought it was something everyone had learned in school…but over time, I realized that I was wrong and not too many people I came across recognized this acronym.

It was actually really surprising to me how much people that I knew, never heard of ROY G. BIV as the helpful little tip that it is to remember the colors of the rainbow.

Sounds Too Easy, Let Us Know What you Think Below

You may think it is too simple, you’re correct about that but I know this could definitely help out a lot of people that struggle to learn or even need help remembering all the colors of the rainbow.

So if anyone knows an acronym that helped them learn things, we would appreciate you leaving a comment on it below and share your experiences and how it has helped you out.

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