Kekoa’s Blue Belt Progress

By | September 26, 2016

Hey you guys, time for another update with Kekoa’s blue belt progress. So the last Tae Kwon Do update was about Kekoa achieving his blue belt and I know it’s been a while since our last post. We have finally come around to writing the progress he has so far from May-July 2016. We’ll keep this short because we’ll be posting about the progress from August and September very soon as well after we finish making the video for that post.


Kekoa has had to learn his taeguk 6 as well as a kicking set to accomplish his blue belt and since. He has improved in every aspect of the sport and has continued to show enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more. Kekoa is so young yet he tries to put everything together and gets frustrated when he can’t and the great thing about it is that it drives him to figure it out by asking questions and trying to relate to his very limited experience which, we all find extremely adorable.


We know in previous posts we stressed our concerns about Kekoa not understanding the meaning of competition but since he has improved very much in that department and is much more aware that he is in a fight and now pays more attention to the opponent in front of him and that makes me happy.

We were worried that his progress would work against him if he couldn’t get the concept of fighting. Being that he was in a higher belt class and still entering competitions, Kekoa learned very quickly how competitive his opponents could get and maybe it was a good thing because it triggered something that Kekoa was missing.

AAU Competition

Shortly after receiving his blue belt Kekoa competed in his first ever AAU tournament (bigger gloves, we have footage in the video below). Training for the AAU tournament has taught him to better defend himself and keep his hands up and most importantly not be lazy so, he can defend himself to the best of his ability.

His movements have improved and he isn’t as heavy footed as he used to be, he is able to spring around much better in fact, it is leaps and bounds better than a few months ago. I have to attribute this improved movement and skill to his new black belt class (advanced dragons) where he is able to focus more on learning. The students there are just a little more serious than the four and five-year-olds he left in his previous class lol.

Check Out Our Video And Comment Below

We have created a short video of the progress that Kekoa has had in the months of May through July and we will definitely be posting soon about the progress he has had from August through September being that things have settled down and his baby brother’s birthday has just passed, so comment below and share your thoughts on how you feel he has progressed so far and we’ll be sure to share more footage.

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