Martin Luther King Children’s Word Search

By | January 4, 2017

Martin Luther King Children’s Word Search

Kekoa loves to do word searches so to help reinforce what he has learned about Martin Luther King Jr., I printed out this free word search from
martin luther king children's word search
When Kekoa would find a word, I’d ask him what the word has to do with Martin Luther King Jr. So below I am going to write the word and his response to the question.
AMERICAN – “Doesn’t matter if you are brown people or white people or black people…you’re still American if you are in the U.S.”
CIVIL RIGHTS – “All people can have FREEDOM and EQUALITY…like the same.”
COLOR – “White peoples and black peoples and brown peoples…they are the same just different colors.”
EQUALITY – “If you have something less and the other person has more, then that is not the same…you need to be treated the same.”
FREEDOM – “If you were a black people then the white people would treat you like slaves but they wanted to be free.”
HERO – “He helped save the black peoples.”
HOPE – “Martin Luther King Jr. hoped that everyone could be treated the same.”
I HAVE A DREAM – “He had a dream of saving everyone…freedom for everyone.”
JUSTICE – “Martin Luther King Jr. fought for justice…for rights for all of the people.”
LEADER – “He was a leader of all of the people and God was the leader of him so he followed God and me too. He lead his people to FREEDOM.”
LIBERTY – “Just like FREEDOM.”
NOBEL PRIZE – “Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Prize because he followed God to help his people and was non-violent…like he used his brain because he was smart.”
PEACE – “Being somewhere quiet and peaceful and no fighting.”
PREACHER – “The peoples that know about God so they teach us about God.”
RACISM – “All the different races like white people or black people and all kinds of peoples are all different and some think they are better than others.”
SEGREGATION – “Before the white people go with the white people and black people go with the black people and they are separated.”
SPEECH – “If someone knows about something and they want to tell you about it.”
STRUGGLE – “If someone is fighting or things are too hard for them or not fair.”

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