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By | January 23, 2016

Joining Taekwondo

At the age of five, Kekoa joined TKD classes intaekwondo the month of June 2015 and still attends classes at “Kiffmann Maui Elite”  in Kahului, Maui.

When he first started he would only have Tae Kwon Do classes three times a week for about 45 minutes.

Now he practices Monday through Friday because he was invited to join the Kiffmann Junior Team.

Why Taekwondo?

Besides playing with family and friends, Taekwondo is a great way for Kekoa to get his daily exercise. Classes consist of some cardio drills, practicing forms, self-defense techniques, and sparring.

Some parents always remind me of his knack for learning quickly but behind the scenes, he just works really hard at anything that he puts his mind to especially when he’s determined to learn it! He trains so hard at home as well.

Perks To Joining The Junior Team

Being on the junior team also presents the opportunity for Kekoa to travel which is actually an excuse for us to take family trips so he can explore other states as well, and to support him and have him experience some adventure for himself.

Building An All-Around Personality

Being that he is homeschooled, joining Taekwondo allowed him to be in an environment with other children and kids his age that don’t just sit around on their tablets and phones.

We feel this is very important for his growth, especially in today’s society! Majority of the kids just sit around and expect everything to be done for them with “no hard work!”

Taekwondo does not only train Kekoa physically but it also promotes certain characteristics. Below you will see a video of Kekoa saying “the five tenets”, “the oath”, and “the pledge” of Taekwondo.

These things will give you an idea of the type of characteristics taekwondo tries to instill in its students.

 Advancing So Far…

taekwondo classSince Kekoa joined Taekwondo he has advanced four belt levels and entered two competitions and has attended some events in his dojo, all while constantly improving his motor skills.

We will be sure to keep everyone up-to-date on “Kekoa’s journey to black belt” (as my sister-in-law likes to say).

Make sure to check back to see how he is advancing in rank, videos, results of competitions, and much more.

Interested In Having Your Child Attend Martial Arts Classes?

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