Taekwondo Update: Black Belt Class

By | April 2, 2016

black belt classEntering The Advanced Class

On March 18, Kekoa had a belt test to acquire his blue belt and thankfully he was successful in passing the test, placing him in the more advanced black belt class.

Though he is young he has been able to accel in his forms, which is how he has progressed so far, in less than a year!

He was the youngest to test that day but was the only student who could recite his TKD tenets, pledge, and oath, which surprised me. I was so shocked, yet, proud of what my little man was capable of doing at such a young age especially because he is so eager to learn and share what he has learned with others.

He is not the youngest in his new class but he definitely has not been in Taekwondo for long especially compared to the other kids that have been doing this for almost +2 years now while he still has not reached his first year!

In an earlier post that you can read here, we talked about Kekoa’s journey to becoming a black belt in tae kwon do.

Somewhere He Can Learn

I love that he has moved on to the more advanced class because now he is able to receive more targeted training that hopefully improves his sparring. taekwondo black belt class

Being that he is young and very active in church, Kekoa has been in just a couple of tournaments now and he has not fully grasped the concept of competition as of yet.

He does not spar aggressively and this is my only concern about him advancing so fast! (picture to the right: talking to competition from another island like they’ve known each other for a long time)

He has definitely improved his footwork, coordination, and speed since advancing into the black belt class and that makes me excited to see the growth of his abilities in the near future.

He has another tournament on Oahu in a couple of weeks, I hope he has improved enough to defend himself properly.

Thanks For Reading!

I will definitely keep you guys updated and hopefully I will have some content to share. (I’m working on getting new equipment to enhance the sharing experiences with you all using live video and better quality images)

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